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Internet audio is the future: everyday we are surprised with new inventions and innovations in technology. NetAudioAds is no exception. The internet is the world's largest communication distribution platform, and it has more than 907 million daily online visitors. 97% of computers sold today come equipped with audio, and nearly all users have their audio turned on. There is no other form of media available in the world that can assure your advertisement has been heard more than NetAudioAds and it's 100% traceable and 100% verifiable. The NetAudioAds servers are clocking 9,000 hits per second triggered from audio ad code on more than 24 million webpages in the distribution network. Using Net Audio Ads technology to connect to the millions of users on the internet is the perfect way to get your message out into the world. The best part is, an internet user must open a webpage in order to hear the ad, which means he is sitting right there, listening, when your ad plays. What other form of media advertising can say that?

NetAudioAds 3rd party BPA audit is continuing to scrub porn, hate and crime type websites as well as websites that use questionable tactics to obtain traffic (bots, auto surfs, etc.). There is no other online media source (that plays audio ads) that is 3rd party verified. NetAudioAds takes pride in the fact that the company is using a 3rd party to audit their reports and guarantee that advertisers get an accurate picture of where their adlets are being played.

Whether you're a small local business or a giant international firm, you can put the power of Pay Per Play 5-second audio advertising to work for you, with competitive rates and advertising packages tailored to meet your individual needs.


The 5-second ad you heard when you opened this page is an example of what visitors will hear when they navigate to a page on a site that contains the NetAudioAds Pay Per Play ad code. Refresh this page as often as you like to hear a selection of different ads.

Under normal circumstances, at least 3 minutes must elapse before a visitor hears another ad when they refresh a page or open a new page containing the PPP code. Regardless of how many pages they view, another ad will NEVER be played within 3 minutes of the previous ad, ensuring that the Pay Per Play advertising will not become annoying or intrusive to visitors.


Impression Frequency
5 Seconds
3,000 - audio ad / listen impressions
10,000 - audio ad / listen impressions
100,000 - audio ad / listen impressions
1,000,000 - audio ad / listen impressions

Impression Frequency /w options
Hourly Scheduling
Both Together
3,000 - audio ad / listen impressions
10,000 - audio ad / listen impressions
100,000 - audio ad / listen impressions
1,000,000 - audio ad / listen impressions

Key 2 Page

From Above Options Add

3,000 - audio ad / listen impressions


10,000 - audio ad / listen impressions


100,000 - audio ad / listen impressions


1,000,000 - audio ad / listen impressions


Standard Advertising Rates*

Standard advertising rates start at a $20 CPM. Recommended mass advertising campaigns start at 1 million audio Adlet impressions. This advertising campaign gives the advertiser 1,000,000 verifiable audio Adlet plays for $20 thousand U.S. dollars. Self-Serve ordering of advertising campaigns start at $20 CPM ($20 per thousand audio Adlet impressions). Required minimum is 3,000 audio Adlet impressions per order. *Prices As of February 15, 2008. Advertising Rates Subject To Change.

Start / End Campaign Dates

As an advertiser you will set the start and end dates for your advertising campaign. If all your ads are not played during the specified time frame, your final charges will be for ads played only.

Keywords & Tags

As an advertiser you are required to enter a minimum of 1 keyword for targeting your advertisement to relevant web pages. We encourage using keywords, because adding additional keywords enables better target placements of your ads to relative websites. In summary, the better your keywords, the better your ad placements. There are no limits or charges for the usage of campaign advertising keywords.

Ad Production

There are 3 main types of production when recording audio for NetAudioAds:
1.Sending in your own mp3: When you record your advertisement on your own computer, you can save the file as a MP3 and upload it onto our webpage.
2. Recording over the phone: Using ANY telephone, you can record the advertisement you desire and upload it to the same website your MP3 is uploaded to.
3. Professional Studio: We recommend a minimum of 4 recordings professionally to prevent listener fatigue. Preferable in WAV format (uncompressed PCM 16-bit 44.1 KHz format audio file.)

Hourly Scheduling Option

As an advertiser you have the additional option to establish the daily hours that you prefer to run your Adlets. You may elect to only run your Adlets between 9am and 5pm or any other time span you specify. Delivery during specific times is an extra cost option.($3/1000)

Key 2 Page Option

As an advertiser, you may elect to have your listeners press the 1, 2 or Z keys on their computer keyboard to have your website display in a new window on your listener's computer screen. No other form of advertising offers this option. When creating your advertising campaign you will have the ability to select which of the keys your prospect will press to arrive at your website.

Geographical Targeting Option

As an advertiser, you may elect to target your advertisements to a specific geographical area or areas. You may select a country, state(s), or city(s) for distribution of your advertisement(s). We can also deliver your advertisements to people located within specified area codes. Geo-Targeting is an extra cost option.($3/1000)


Choose a country, then a state or region. In some cases, you will be able to narrow the target down to city and/or area code, if you wish. Hits = potential ads plays, or the number of people in the targeted area who visited a site with PPP code where an ad could play. Percentages reflect the daily percent of potential ad plays, totalling 100% for the week. Statistics shown are for the previous 7 days.


Step 1: Contact Information and Password
Step 2: Setup Your First Advertising Campaign
Step 3: Create Your Ad Description, Keywords, Areas, Times, Quantity
Step 4: Your Payment Information (Secure Payment Page)

When your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email with information about recording/uploading your audio ad and accessing your ad campaign statistics.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Sad News

Hello readers, I'm sure some have you are wondering why there haven't been any new posts or recent updates. I'm Lisa's daughter, Jennifer(16), Monday, July 14th around 930pm, my mom had trouble breathing, we had to call 911, where she was then taken to the hospital. She later died from heart failure caused by a heart attack. She was 40. She enjoyed blogging and enjoyed the people who read her blog and she thanks anyone who read it while she went along. She loved seeing feedback on her blogs and hearing about other people's battles and their victories with MS. She will be missed by all, as a daughter, mother, girlfriend, and friend. Don't think that you can't win your battles against MS, you will have many victories, and sad things such as this happen sometimes, but she loved the life she lived and if she could come back and say that she did she would in an instant.

Rest In Peace